http://www.thermalmagic.com/content/What_is_thermos_cooking-.htm What is thermos cooking and what is a thermal cooker? Thermos cooking is using the retained heat built up in food as it's simmered on the stove as the means to slow cook the food while it's kept inside a thermos or vacuum insulated container such as a thermos pot, bottle, flask or other thermal cookware. Inside a thermal cooker A thermal cooker is a very simple and easy to use appliance designed to hold a cook pot inside an insulated thermal container. The best thermal cookers are made of a steel vacuum insulated outer pot with a heavy stainless steel inner pot and lid. They are basically a non-electric slow cooker or crock pot which describes them quite adequately in simple terms. How a thermal cooker works To use, simply add the ingredients of your recipe into the stainless steel inner pot and place it on the stove. You bring the contents up to a boil and depending on what it is you are cooking, leave it simmering for a few minutes to about 30 minutes before you turn the stove off and place the inner pot into the vacuum insulated outer pot and close the lid. The remaining cook time takes place within the cooker with the heat retained in the boiling hot food inside the thermal cooker finishing the job. That's it, simple and easy to use. You can prepare a whole days worth of meals in the morning and by lunch time the food will be ready to eat. A dinner meal will also be cooked and ready because the vacuum insulated thermal cookers can keep hot things hot for 6-12 hours depending on the food and how much is being cooked. This is a great option for traveling on the road in an RV, boondocking or anything that has a window of preparation time in the morning but doesn't have to be ready for hours later. Many slow cooker recipes can be adapted for use in a thermal cooker and here's a blog on thermal cooking that has a good number of recipes and other information on retained heat cooking: http://thermalcooker.wordpress.com/category/recipes-all/
When the lights go out a little backup power can go a long way in restoring peace and functionality to a situation that may not be the best. Being able to see in the dark safely and easily by simply turning on a switch, or listen to the radio or charging a cell phone when the usual options are no longer available brings peace of mind and the ability to do even simple things that are taken for granted when the power is on. Goal Zero has some great solutions to provide the simple necessities of light and the ability to power or charge the devices that can keep us informed or in touch with those needed sources of information and people we love.